There are many benefits to being a member of AMPS. The best way to learn about these is to explore the website - read the About page and look at Membership Benefits for a list of advantages.

Our membership includes these roles for Film, TV and Games:

Production Sound Mixer                    Sound Editor                        ADR Mixer
Sound Designer                                 Re-recording Mixer             Dubbing Mixer
Engineer                                             Music Editor                        Music Mixer
Foley Artist                                         Foley Mixer                         Sound Assistant

If you work as one of these, or a closely related profession, you are eligible. Depending on your years of experience, you’ll automatically be allocated a Membership Category after applying.

Please read this before completing the application form. Failure to present the following documents as per the brief below will result in the application being rejected and you having to re-apply.


Sponsors are existing Full AMPS members who know you professionally and are willing to recommend you as a member. Check the Directory to find people.

You will need TWO Full Member Sponsors if applying for Full, Supplementary or Associate Membership Please ensure that your sponsors are FULL members of AMPS, as only Full members can sponsor Membership Applications. Your Sponsors will be required to submit a COMPREHENSIVE written letter of recommendation on behalf of yourself for consideration by Council and must be attached to your application. The letter of recommendation has to meet the following criteria:

  • The letter HAS to be written by the sponsor themselves and using their own words. The applicant can NOT just pre-write a text for the sponsor to sign.
  •  The letter must be more than just a few words saying they are happy to sponsor you. A comprehensive letter of recommendation to include as minimum the following information:
  • Has the sponsor been approached by you ahead of submitting this application and do they agree to vouch for you?
  • Do they know you personally and have they worked with you? If so, can they share any thoughts and comments regarding their work with you and highlight any qualities and attributes that would make you a good addition to AMPS.
  • Any further comments or insights from the sponsor that they may want to add regarding your application will be appreciated too.
If you are a sound student applying, you only need your course leader to sponsor you.

If you are unable to secure the number of Full Member sponsors stipulated in the above categories, Council may nevertheless consider your application if it is accompanied by a verified CV and one or more internet links or email addresses for an appropriate person, e.g. senior technician, director, producer or employer, with whom you have worked. Council will consider the application on an individual basis, and its decision shall be final.

2. CV

Please upload your CV or a short Personal Profile giving past experience and production credits if any. It is very important that any work or credits listed in the CV include title, production company, your role on the project and most importantly the year the production was made and the duration of your involvement with it. Failure to include all of the following information will result in the application being rejected and having to re-apply. 


You’ll upload this when you fill out your application.


You are ready to go now, simply go to our Membership Application and complete your details.

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