There are several categories available for membership of AMPS, each based on your number of years of professional, credited, experience in your principle grade.  Below is a summary of the benefits of each.  For full details please refer to the Constitution.


For individuals with at least six years' professional experience in a skill or skills of sound or image generation, recording, manipulation or reproduction, recognised by the Council of AMPS as being included under our aims.

FULL membership requires sponsorship by TWO FULL Members, all of whom are known to and at least two of whom are in the same occupational grade as the applicant.

Benefits that only apply to FULL membership include: permission to use "AMPS" after your name on screen credits and professional correspondence; full voting rights; eligibility to stand for Council roles and to nominate other members for Council roles.

£110.00 per year


Similar to full membership, but requires between three and six years' experience as above.

ASSOCIATE membership requires sponsorship by TWO FULL Members, all of whom are known to and at least two of whom are in the same occupational grade as the applicant.

Benefits include normal voting rights, including the ability to nominate others for Council roles, but are not able to stand for Council roles themselves.

£110.00 per year


Similar but requires less than three years' experience as above.

SUPPLEMENTARY membership requires sponsorship by TWO FULL Members, both of whom are known to and are in the same occupational grade as the applicant.

There are no voting rights for this category.

£75.00 per year


Open to individuals while on a training course for a skill or skills recognised by the Council, provided that he/she intends to make it their profession.

STUDENT membership must be supported by an email from your Course Tuitor. 

There are no voting rights for this category, and space at AMPS functions and events may be limited.

£25.00 per year


Open to individuals not eligible for Full, Associate or Supplementary Membership, but whose work, research and interests are closely allied to the occupations covered by them.

£110.00 per year


Open to Members who retire completely from gainful employment in the Full, Associate, Supplementary or Affiliate categories. They may continue to enjoy their former privileges of membership (including voting rights for Full and Associate categories).

£45.00 per year


Open to Members and non-Members who the Council consider have made a considerable contribution to the Association and/or to the techniques involved under clause 5(a). Existing Members of the Association transferred to Honorary Membership shall enjoy all the privileges of membership afforded by their previous membership category, but those appointed from outside the Membership shall neither have nomination and voting rights nor be able to stand for office.

This Category is Free of Charge at the discretion of Council.


Open to companies and organisations that are willing to support the Association in its Aims and Objectives.

£350.00 per year


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