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Sound Equipment for Sale UPDATE

Attached PDF list

Sound Equipment for sale UPDATE
After a two year wait to sell some equipment, I am pleased to see the return of The Van Boot Sale takes place on Sunday 13th Feb. Just my luck I’ll be away that weekend, and was really looking forward to a Bacon Roll and a catch up . Here is a PDF list of the equipment I have for sale. Please email me if you find things of interest. Have a great day.
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If you can't see the PDF please email me for a copy.

Kind regards
John Taylor

John Taylor, Safe & Sound, 07973 727 631
Free Collection Bucks, Delivery possible Bucks, West London.
Please email me for photos of all items

Accessories all ch38,39,40
1 x pair of dipoles ariel’s £30
1 x pair of Yargi 7 element ariels for when the going gets tough. £95
4 x mag mount tx/rx ariel’s. £20 each
8 x iPower Lithium Batteries 700 mAh. @ £10 each
4 x iPower Lithium Batteries 520 mAh. @ £5 each
1 x iPower 4 bay Charger Mains /12V. £25
2 x Aqua packs. £15 each

1 x Neumann RSM191 Serial no. 1398 & MTX 191A MS / AB matrix controller no 10175 and cables, Rycote 6” Stereo Wind gag RSM191 system & 7 pin xlr cables. Custom Flight Case. £1200
1 x Sennheiser MKH 416T serial no. 34204, and 4” Rycote system etc £300
1 x Sennheiser MKH 816 PH48v (new capsule fitted 2002, no serial no.) and 4” Rycote lyre system, Black High wind, Grey windjammer, Canford rain cover. Excellent condition £300
1 x Sennheiser MKH 816T serial no.17199, and 4” Rycote system Black High wind, Grey windjammer, Canford rain cover £250
1 x Beyer MC837 (Rifle mic, 816 equivalent) £75
1 x Realistic PZM, AA 1.5v = normal quality, 2 x 6v 4L44 = super output and quality. £30

Sanken cos 11 mics £100-160.
1 x 6 pin lemo Black padded 61737 £120, 1 x Black 68408 £120, 2x black 85929, 105495, £150
1 x 6 pin lemo Pink 105479 £180, 1 x Pink padded 67507 £100,
1 x 6 pin lemo Black padded 52207, as maintenance replacement spare £50
4 x Mini 4 pin lemo. 1 pink 120619, 1 pink padded 120115, 1 black 105496, 1 black padded 120114. £150 each
2 x 6 pin lemo Tram TR50 @ £120
2 x 6 pin lemo DeCappo water resistant mics £70 + £100
2 x 6pin lemo Sony ECM50 2 extra capsules and accessories (1970’s) £60 complete.
1 x Mini 4 pin lemo Audio Technica £40
2 x Senn. ME2 to locking 3.5mm jack £40 each

3 x 6pin lemo socket to mini 4 pin lemo plug adaptor (one long) £35 each
1 x Mini 4 pin lemo socket to 6 pin lemo plug adaptor £35
2 x 6 pin Lemo to AA / PH48 3 pin xlr Power Supply Adaptors. Stage Line EMA-1 £30 each

Microphone Accessories
2 x Rain man covers 1 @ £50 damaged but fully functional, 1 @ £70 good.
1 x Rycote softie MKH 60 £35
1 x Rycote Reporter pistol grip and mount for MKH 20-60 £35
1 x Rycote Windjammer 4” 816 Black New £60
1 x Rycote Windjammer 4” 816 Grey used £25

Microphone Accessories Cont.

1 x Rycote Windjammer 4” 416/60 used £25,
1 x Rycote Windjammer 4” 406/MKH 20-50 used £25
Various High wind covers used @ £5
6” stereo basket 60/30 etc with rubber mount strip and a small repair @ £15

Swit Lithium Ion NP1 Kit
1 x 2 bay chargers SC-302 £75
3 x S-8056N 14.4v 73Wh Lithium Ion NP1 batteries £50 each
1 x Hawks Woods NPA-XLR flying lead hot shoe. £25
1 x Hawks Woods AD-NP1 Dummy with 4 pin XLR & BP90 2.1mm co-ax inputs. £25

SQN 4s IIIA plus a selection of leads KT systems bag and accessory bag £400
Sound devices 442 mixer KT systems bag and accessory bag £600

Ambient ACL 204. With a selection of cables and batteries £150

HHB MDP 500 Minidisc Recorder KT systems bag and matching accessories bag power and accessories £250

Hi DEF Monitor As New
Lilliput 667GL-70NP/H/D 7” SDI Field Monitor.12v xlr & coaxial clip-on power, Hi Def NTSC/PAL, 4 x SDI bnc in, 4 x SDI bnc out. HMDI in/out. 16:9 4:3 aspect 240v power supply. £95
Tendak SDI to HMDI Converter, with 12v-5v converter 240v power supply £ 20
BNC Manual 2 input switch box £10

Multiway Cables
3pin XLR, 8 way 4M, 8 way 2M, 4 way 20M, 4 way 10M ?
10 pin Hirose to 2x xlr and 3,5mm jack return.

Mic Stands and Boom poles
1 x Panamic Maxi booms rebushed, flight case. £250
1 x VDB 606 5 section short 60cm - 2.7M boom pole Fight case. £120
1 x Large mic stand + boom arm £20
1 x Mic stand black + boom arm £15
1 x Mic stand chrome with low position mod + boom arm. £15
1 x Low mike stand + boom arm £15
1 x heavy round base low mic stand £15
2 x Manfrotto 196AB-2 Sliding Magic arm & K-clamp @ £30 each

Lead Acid or Equivalent Battery Cases, and Chargers
1 x 40 Ah dryfit Lead acid or equivalent battery. Case Design Ally flight case only £50
1 x 25 Ah dryfit Lead acid or equivalent battery. Case Design Ally flight case only £40
1 x 10 AH dryfit Lead acid or equivalent battery. Case Design Ally flight case only £30
2 x Radio Spares 4Ah dryfit lead acid battery chargers £20
2 x Sonnenschein 1Ah dryfit lead acid battery chargers £20

URSTA Cart and shipping bag.
1 x Original style used as playback / studio cart £80 Collect, or Delivery + £10, Bucks, West London area only.

Flight Cases excellent condition.

3 x Zarges K740 Aluminium Stacking Euro Cases Large £155
Ext W60 L40 D40 73L new £316
Int. W56 L36 D38

3 x Zarges K740 Aluminium Stacking Euro Cases small £130
Ext W60 L40 D18 29L new £264
Int. W56 L36 D16

1 x Zarges K740 Aluminium Stacking Euro Cases Medium, Well used £75
Ext W60 L40 D25 42L new £300
Int. W56 L36 D22

Aluminium Case: 2 gun mics & accessories. No key £60
Ext W76 L42 D16
Int. W73 L39 D13

Aluminium Flight Green Cornered Case with keys £70
Ext W55 L38 D18
Int. W53 L35 D16

Aluminium Flight Case (padlock required) £70
Ext W55 L38 D18
Int. W53 L35 D16

Head Cases with keys, 2 gun mics & accessories £35
Ext W79 L46 D19
Int. W75 L43 D14

Grey cut out case used for Hawks Woods APR-1 Rack 2 x Rx,Tx, cables accessories. NP1 batteries. With keys. £20
Ext W45 L34 D15
Int. W43 L32 D12

Ex Tesco Training case with key £10
Ext W46 L34 D16
Int. W44 L33 D13

Sound Kit (broken hinge though secure) no keys £10
Ext W52 L34 D18
Int. W50 L32 D16

Loads of other useful bits and pieces. Cables, Adaptors, Clamps & Mounts Etc.
Email me your requests.


Condition: Excellent

Posted: 05/02/2022
Contact: John Taylor
7410-331-7523Send Email


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