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August 2020

In this month's issue - AMPS Tech Awards nominations, AMPS Change Survey, Revision to Film/TV credits, Coronavirus resources, AMPS podcasts, Women in Audio book, Facebook group name change, Factual and Technical ballots open, Ambient Socialisation, AMPS virtual socials, Twickenham TW1 Studios re-opens, new members, Ken Nightingall, Alan Parker, 68 bits of advice, flamenco guitar.

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May 2020

In this month's issue - Message from AMPS Chair, COVID-19 resources, AMPS ADR event report, Chernobyl wins AMPS award, AMPS AGM and EGM report, AMPS first virtual Social report, Ambient Isolation project, Sennheiser and Neumann launch free webinars, virtual dates for your diary, new members, Synchro Arts becomes a Sustaining Member, a closer look at maps.

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January 2020

In this month's issue - AMPS EGM + AGM, 1917 wins AMPS Sound award, nominations needed for AMPS Tech awards please, AMPS first podcast, Ronan Hill wins CAS award, Bubblebee Industries new Sustaining Member, Diary Dates, New Members, John Rudling obituary, Michael Johns, discount on Ambisonics Workflow course, Last Honey Hunter, Pantone colour of the year.

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December 2019

In this month's issue - Judi Lee-Headman wins award, Merry Christmas to all AMPS members, request for Council nominations, nomination requests for AMPS awards, Soho Christmas social, Making Waves DVD, All Shapes and Sizes book review, Dates for your Diary, new members, 'sketch like an architect', sound stimulates coral reefs!

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October 2019

In this month's issue - AMPS awards presentation evening, TV award suggestions, AMPS member Emmy winner, AMPS golf day, Loudspeaker Orchestra, Dates for your Diary, New Members, Trash Artist, ASMR YouTube sensation.

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September 2019

In this month's issue - Nominees for the AMPS Sixth Annual Awards, AMPS Award Presentation evening, TV Award 2019 suggestions, report on AMPS Cable Clinic, AMPS Member Emmy nominated, AES interview with Lucy Mitchell, AMPS Golf Day, New Sustaining Members Nugen and University of Greenwich, HARBOR launches in the UK, Dates for your diary, new AMPS members, Buster Keaton's amazing stunts and a rather nice omelette recipe.

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July 2019

In this month's issue - Report on the 'Meet the Sound Team' evening, AMPS collaborates with MPSE, AMPS endorses Primetime, report on Boom Box Post event, AMPS Golf Day, two new AMPS Sustaining Members, Dates for your Diary, AMPS Mentoring scheme, three new AMPS Members, Terry Rawlings, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, the case for eating Jellyfish.

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April 2019

In this month's issue - Killing Eve wins AMPS Award, AMPS AGM photos, Leeds Social, Soho Square Studios becomes Sustaining Member, Dates for your Diary, interview with Bohemian Rhapsody sound team, new AMPS member, KORD.Media development in Manchester, top tips when networking, IPS VanBoot sale, Genelec launches Aural ID software, One Breath around the World, how to master vertical video.

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February 2019

In this month's issue - Bohemian Rhapsody wins AMPS Film Award, Kraken software demo at HHB Scrub, AMPS AGM 24 February, Dates for your diary, New members, CEDAR becomes AMPS sustaining member, Cordwallis, Malcolm Davies, NFTS Showcase, IPS event invite, Helios console for sale, Studio Etiquette, Coffee Logs… they're wonderfuel!

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January 2019

In this month's issue -
5th Annual AMPS Awards celebrations plus all winners, a report on the AMPS Women's Christmas lunch, crew recognition and product/hardware category added to AMPS Awards, submit your TV drama suggestions, suggest your nominations for 2019 AMPS Council, Dates for Your Diary, AMPS Social Round-Up, New Members, new member benefits from Mindbox and Sennheiser, Helios console sold, BBC sound effects archive, Pete Drake and talking steel guitar.

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October 2018

In this month's issue -
AMPS Awards Evening, Suggest your TV Drama, AMPS member Emmy winners, Dates for your Diary, Source-Connect event, Sennheiser Training Day invitation, new members, report from AMPS Golf Day, Hearing Dogs cheque presentation, JAMES students record the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Farm opens in Manchester, 'Return to Work' scheme, AIR Studios sold, the house in a tree.

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August 2018

In this month's issue -
CODA join AMPS, Our Golf Day is back, meet new AMPS members, Photo Gallery, TV Drama Award suggestions now open, Exclusive AMPS discount on Source Connect, AMPS partners with Film Powered and much more…

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July 2018

This month - AMPS Radio Mic Workshop, AMPS visit The British Library Sound Archive, URSA Straps and Syncbox become new Sustaining Members, AMPS Mentoring Scheme, 50% discount on Sennheiser Sound Academy Course, Strongroom in development threat, Sound Devices new audio recorders, Peter Musgrave obituary, the making of seven iconic movie posters.........

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April 2018

This month - Black Mirror 'USS Callister' wins AMPS TV award, Radio Mic Workshop, TV Awards rules update, Hearing Voices in Noise event report, members' feedback from Hearing Voices in Noise event, Steinberg release UR-RT interfaces, a few mono words from Glyn Johns, 10 field recordists, continuing boom operating tales, interview with Michael Carnes, the Gambler 500, the world's first squeezable metal bottle.

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March 2018

This month - Baby Driver wins AMPS award, AMPS AGM report, Membership subs, AMPS Cable Clinic, CAS winners for AMPS members, AMPS Awards update, history of film dubbing, 'boom' disasters, Peter Gleaves & Lewis Gilbert, NFTS receives BAFTA and Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording........

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January 2018

This month - Nominations confirmed for AMPS Film award, Cable Clinic, CAS & TEC nomination and win, PR Coordinator wanted, AMPS TV award submissions, The Journal, Boom Op tales, Ray Merrin, Hearing Dogs event, NFTS Graduate Showcase, Bertha DocHouse.

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December 2017

This month - Paul Davies wishes everyone Merry Christmas, last call for Council nominations 2018, AMPS Cable Clinic, suggestions for AMPS TV Award, Save the Cinema Museum, new AMPS member, where shall we eat tonight, from dream to reality, The Normal People, re-inventing the SLR camera.

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November 2017

This month - Ain Bailey event report, Meet the AMPS Council, Anna Bertmark award, AMPS Cable Clinic, TV awards, Rycote online spares/accessories, BECTU announcement, 'Mean' cards, Freddie Mercury's voice, Tesla truck, Sounds in Sync tutorials.

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October 2017

This month - AMPS Summer Social Awards event, Manchester Social, AMPS TV Award suggestions, AMPS & IMDb, AMPS Membership, Ain Bailey event, Deluxe - new AMPS sustaining member, Rycote visit, AMPS Scholarship presentation, commnet from previous Scholarship recipient, IBC/IPS videos, good news for AIR, Cinema Museum petition.

Image courtesy of new AMPS Sustaining member Deluxe. More information below.

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September 2017

This month - AMPS Summer Awards Social 26 September, AMPS golf day, AMPS Scholarship 2017 recipient, charity does start at home, Rycote visit, Perspectives on ADR part 2, new members, Making Waves Kickstarter project, an interview with Ofcom, how sound films work, Enhancing Audio Description: the Screening.

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July 2017

This month - Visit to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, AMPS retired members' lunch, your feedback on AMPS events, visit to Rycote, sponsor Shelly for PSPA, new members, ‘Perspectives on ADR’, women in audio… more discussion, GDF/JAMES Summer Course at Leeds Beckett, update on Air Studios & Spinbox.

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May 2017

This month - Lots of Dates for your Diary, AMPS would like your Feedback on Events, Journal content, 'Behind the BWF Audio File' event, member discount on Sound Particles, New Members, bloody iPhones, continuous improvement and more than 100 things that have potentially been done well.

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April 2017

This month - AMPS TV Award winner announced, IMDb recognises AMPS awards, AMPS Fellow's lunch, BAFTA nominees, new Sustaining Member, inside refurbished BBC, Abbey Road transformation, Wembley Park Studios, Dark Side of the Moon console sold, new AMPS members, Curzon Mayfair saved.

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February 2017

This month - Arrival wins AMPS Film Sound Award, report on AGM, John Rudling receives Fellowship, Rob Edwards awarded Pro Tools licence through AMPS Mentor Scheme, AMPS members win CAS award for fourth time, 'Excellence in Sound' award update, AMPS TV Drama timeline, new member Matt Hughes, Mumblegate rumbles on, Reel Angels launch online community, Loud Places and Liquid Mountains.

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January 2017

This month - AMPS AGM and Sustaining Members Show, AMPS Film Award nominations, AMPS member nominations for OSCAR, BAFTA & CAS awards, winner of Pinewood book, sponsor Shelly and raise funds fro Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, new member, Ambient launches Mini XLR connections and are you being watched on your webcam?

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December 2016

This month - WIN A COPY OF Pinewood - The Story of an Iconic Studio, call for council 2017 nominations, AMPS Scholarship presentation, The Farm becomes latest AMPS Sustaining Member, AMPS Retired Members Christmas lunch, new AMPS members, De Lane Lea reunion, Twickenham Studios launches The Lounge, secrets of Decca engineers, Adobe debuts Photoshop for audio, brand psychology behind some very well-known sounds.

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November 2016

This month - Vote now for AMPS TV Awards, Story of Sound 2016, AMPS Honorary Membership, AMPS Scholarship Bursary, Reel Angels events, New Members, Twickenham Studios vacancy, Aaton & Rycote products, First Women Filmmakers, Highland Projectionists remembered, AMPAS Masterclass at Sheffield University, Air Studios update, Film London…

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October 2016

This month - Vote now for AMPS TV Awards, AMPS Summer Party & Awards Ceremony, Colin Broad Exceptional Contribution Award, No Man's Sky presentation event, vacancy at Twickenham Studios, Reel Angels London event, new members, plans for London film studio, Ofcom's 700MHz news, First Frame magazine and relax to Sysiphus.

Header image - courtesy of Halo Post Production

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September 2016

This month - Vote now for AMPS TV Awards, AMPS Golf Day, Simon Bishop interview, Life after Brexit, Sound Particles live event, new AMPS Member, three new AMPS Sustaining Members - Audio Technica, Sounds in Sync and Zoom, Audient QXS Boom Pole & Soundrolling App.

Header image - No Man's Sky science-fiction game whose audio direction and sound design was created by AMPS Member Paul Weir.

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August 2016

This month - Dates for your Diary, Goldcrest visit, Breaking the Sound Barrier, AMPS TV Drama awards, an AMPS apology, film's answer to Mumblegate, new members, Sandy MacRea, URSA straps, Procedural Sound & Master Lockit

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July 2016

This month - Dates for your Diary, AMPS Retired Members Lunch, Brexit… good or bad thing, John Brabourne Awards, The Basslet, AIR Studios update, new AMPS members, Cantar X3 available to hire, Dusty Horne's Sound and Fury, SoundPRO2016 details, John Downer obituary,

Header image - Abbey Road mic set-up for the Yamaha Disklavier used on soundtrack of Florence Foster Jenkins. Courtesy of Gerard McCann & Al Sirkett.

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June 2016

This month - Dates for your Diary, continuing dialogue issues, RTSFX event, AMPS charity donations, Goldcrest opens Atmos room, AMPS on Facebook, new AMPS members, Breaking the Sound Barrier - women in film & TV event, social media masterclass, Rycote EIS16 show, Aaton Cantar X3 package, Dave Allen memorial details, BECTU meeting information…

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May 2016

This month - AMPS Statement on Unintelligible Dialogue, Call for AMPS TV Drama Awards 2016, Brexit - what's best for UK TV, BBC R&D's vision of dynamic binaural sound, The CBTF, Real-Time Synthesised Sound Effects demonstration, FOCUS: London production location event, new AMPS members…

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April 2016

This month - Fortitude AMPS TV Award winner, Ofcom announcement, travel and subsistence fund for the North East, AVID Everywhere?, become an AMPS mentor, does vinyl really sound better, punch cards to smart phones, new AMPS member, news & comment…

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March 2016

This month - AMPS Socials all over the country, The Martian wins AMPS Sound Film Award, AMPS Members amongst CAS winners and Oscar nominations, AMPS AGM, a visit to SSVC, be an AMPS Mentor, new product Greensleeve, Halo wins Best Production House award, Simon Bishop interviewed by Line Up magazine, new member plus news and comments.

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February 2016

This month - AMPS Members & CAS nominations, AMPS AGM 21 Feb, AMPS TV Sound Award for Drama, AMPS at BSC Expo, AMPS member on The Late Show, AMPS Mentor scheme, new sound theatre at Technicolor, Joint Guilds screening dates at Pinewood, the art of Foley, world's most famous Sound Designer…

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January 2016

Happy New Year to all! 2016 has a lively start with the AMPS Film Award Nomination, scroll down for more details - winner to be announced on 8 February.

We also have a regular flow of new AMPS members, and for this month I've included some audio, music, sound-related articles that caught my eye.

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December 2015

This month - Sound team win RTS award, AMPS visit to anechoic chamber, retired members lunch, multitrack recording with single mic device, Electrosluch, 'Ear, Ear' video link, Tangerine - shot on two iPhones, Palio - 600 year old horse race, AMPS members' benefit, new members…

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November 2015

This month - AMPS Forum, Walter Murch video interview, The Sound of Story 2015, IPS' Ear Ear event, Recording Direct to Disc, DPA talks with Simon Hayes, Abbey Road's Open Innovation Department, Hitler's connection with magnetic tape, post sound challenges of The Walking Dead, additional AMPS member benefit from Volkswagen, new AMPS members, Inner Workings of Work…

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October 2015

This month - AMPS Award Ceremony, Emmy awards for AMPS members, AMPS forum, How Films Were Made & Shown, Abbey Road expansion, the value of today's music, articles for next AMPS Journal please, interview with the Everest sound team, interview with Chris Burdon, new member benefit from Páramo Clothing, retired members' lunch, new AMPS members, continuing AIR planning battle, CB Electronics launches TMC-1 S6…

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September 2015

AMPS Awards event, Walter Murch thanks, JHWFF nominations, Everything Audio open day, SoundPro 2015, Alan Parson's drum sound, send me your stories, House of Cards boom techniques, Crowdmics, New Members, Windows 10!!…

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August 2015

Yorkshire Social coming soon, 2015 Emmy nominations, Resolution Creative Awards nominations, Walter Murch Fellow award, Studio Sound archive, future of music streaming, Soundscapes exhibition, new AMPS members, Giantsound new AMPS sustaining member, Sennheiser pro mic for your iPhone, news…

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July 2015

New AMPS website launching soon, property development, MGM Roar, Walter Murch, Northern Film School, a correction, UK Screen Chair, Flare Audio, new AMPS members, Goldsmiths MA in Filmmaking, Raycom sustaining member, the future with Dolby…

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June 2015

Cinema birthplace reopens, AIR Studios under threat, how to record dinosaurs, Sgt. Peppers on the curriculum, Anna & Rob & Eleanor, AMPS website redesign, digital Journal, new AMPS members, praise the sound recordist, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People…

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May 2015

AMPS TV drama winners… Kingsman in ATMOS… Soho development concern… Inside Abbey Road… AMPS Journal… New AMPS member… Jackson Studios… Industry news…

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April 2015

AMPS member receives BKSTS award… changes to creative sector tax reliefs… WFTV Filmmakers Breakfast… ADR MasterClass… freelancing and the future of creative jobs… new AMPS member… Emanuele Costantini finds a new piece of gear… restoration of The Sound of Music… new AMPS Sustaining Member… news & comment…

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March 2015

Excellence in Sound for a TV Drama award nominations… Oscar for Whiplash crew… AMPS AGM… AMPS at BVE… Cinema Jam… Nordic discounts… new products… HHB becomes new Sustaining Member… events… industry news…

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February 2015

Results are in.... and the Winners are

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January 2015

Nominees for The AMPS Award for Excellence in Sound for a Feature Film - 2014
Plus much more..............

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December 2014

This month - the Vitaphone Project, Kingsman, clean up your vinyl, discounts for AMPS members on cold weather clothing, Everest, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, two new AMPS Sustaining Members, Pro Tools Expert, industry news & comment.

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November 2014

AMPS 25th Anniversary Party - support the association that supports you - please be there! SoundPRO2014, Jackson Hole awards, The Journal re-appears, RedNet event, Pro Tools Expert, a Foley fact, industry news…

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October 2014

AMPS 25th Anniversary Party - support the association that supports you - please be there! SoundPRO2014, Jackson Hole awards, The Journal re-appears, RedNet event, Pro Tools Expert, a Foley fact, industry news…

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September 2014

AMPS 25th Anniversary Party 'change-of- date', detail on AMPS EGM & BECTU meetings, Sound PRO 2014, Stuart Wilson & Tom Cruise, Andre Jacquemin & Python, Delivering the King's Speech, Hot Shot Jules Woods and a handy Pro Tools Expert tip…

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August 2014

A couple of interesting projects in the 'Who's done what…' category this month from Mike Wabro and Alan Sallabank, a taster of Graham Hartstone's memories at Pinewood, UK & AMPS do well at Emmy nominations and I just have to have an AirDog when I'm out with my hoop and stick!

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July 2014

Apprenticeship or Graduate? Discuss - Dennis Weinreich does so. Our final BECTU interview with Sound Editor Jim Shields; Pat Heigham is put through the AMPS 20 Question wringer; interesting goings-on at the Farnborough Wind Tunnels; broadcast file delivery and 'thanks for everything' Brian and Pat and 'hello' to Shelly and John!

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June 2014

More BAFTA congratulations this month for Howard Bargroff who handled post sound for Broadchurch which recently won 3 awards… more audibilty problems at the BBC with Quirke… a frightening scenario if UKIP are allowed to take us away from the EU… and a wonderful interview with Peter Handford from 1988 - settle down and read the whole thing, it's worth it!

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May 2014

Apologies for the late distribution of the May issue of the AMPS
Newsletter. This month we're celebrating AMPS Members' BAFTA success, we're chewing over the Jamaica Inn debacle and have access to a 1995 interview with Gerry Humphreys… and more besides.

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April 2014

"Welcome to the third issue of the AMPS Newsletter - I hope that
you're enjoying the new format. Thanks to Alan Sallabank for the item about his work - I know that Tony our editor is always keen to hear any news from the members. He would also welcome any feedback about items featuring in the Newsletter."

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March 2014

Celebrating Oscar success for the UK and AMPS members, industry updates, news of AMPS events and projects, even a true tale of espionage worthy of Le Carre- there’s plenty to catch up on!

Sent to all members and sustaining members, it’s also reaching the wider world via Facebook and Twitter.

We’re always looking for more to publish, so let us know what you’ve been doing, send us photos or ideas for future articles - contact

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February 2014

Full of AMPS news, new member updates, interesting articles and stories from industry info, the newsletter has been sent to all members and sustaining members. It’s also reaching the wider world via Facebook and Twitter!

The feedback has been great. We’re always looking for more to publish, so let us know what you’ve been doing, send us photos or ideas for future articles - contact

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