Rules for Excellence In A Post Production Hardware Or Software Audio Product


(a). Any post-production audio related hardware or software product that is released in the UK during the given year (January 1st to December 31st) will be eligible. The list will be compiled from products suggested by any member of AMPS during the course of the awards year. All AMPS Members are encouraged to send suggestions in either or both product categories - there is no limit to the number of suggestions which may be submitted.

(b). The Award shall be in the form of one technical award certificate for the winning manufacturer, inventor or software developer. 


(a). The manufacturer, inventor or software developer who AMPS considers to be primarily responsible for the winning product. 

(b). Various means may be used to determine eligibility. In the event of a dispute about eligibility, the Adjudication Panel may consult whomsoever they see fit, in confidence, for clarification. 

(c). The decision of the Adjudication Panel shall be considered final.  


(a). AMPS Council will annually agree a Secret Electronic Ballot system for all Awards voting. 

(b). AMPS Council will annually agree an Awards Schedule Timetable to fit in with other Awards ceremonies and AMPS events. 

(c). AMPS Council will annually appoint the AMPS Technical Awards Group to organise the awards for the given year. 


(a). An Adjudication Panel will be freshly co-opted annually consisting of no fewer than three AMPS Full Members, on the conditions that: 
  • i. They are not eligible for an AMPS Award for excellence in a hardware or software product in the current year. 
  • ii. They have made no contribution to the eligible products in the current year.
  • iii. They are not associated in any way with any individual or company that is on the eligible list for the current year. 
(b). This panel will conduct the ballots and associated business in strict confidentiality using the chosen Electronic Ballot system, and, in accordance with the Awards Scheduled Timetable, will also be responsible for: 
  • i. As soon as Nomination ballot is closed – verification of the manufacturer, inventor or software developer eligible for AMPS Award for excellence in a hardware or software product in the current year. ii. The Technical Awards Adjudication Panel may call upon other AMPS Awards Groups and/or Council for assistance in the verification process. 


(a). An electronic secret ballot will be conducted among the AMPS voting membership, who will have up to 5 votes each. 

(b). The five products that achieve the most votes under the ballot rules will be declared Nominated. 

(c). The Technical Awards Adjudication Panel will verify the eligibility of the manufacturer, inventor or software writer in strict confidence. 

(d). Nominated products will be announced in accordance with the Awards Schedule Timetable. 

(e). The Nominated Companies will each receive a Nomination Certificate.  


(a). On the date specified in the Awards Schedule Timetable, a secret electronic ballot will open among all those AMPS Members entitled to vote according to the general Constitution Rules current at that time, including the Technical Awards Adjudication Panel, to choose the winner from the five Nominated Products. Members will have one vote each. The product with the most votes will be declared winner. 

(b). In the event of a tie, the product that received the most votes in the Nomination Ballot will be declared the winner. 

(c). The winning product will be announced on the date specified in the Awards Schedule Timetable. 


Certificates will be presented at an AMPS event to be determined. 


(a). Awards rules may be changed annually by agreement of the Technical Awards Group and Council. 

(b). The AMPS Fellow Members may be consulted for advice in the event of any disputes. 

(c). In exceptional circumstances, where more than one company, manufacturer, inventor or software developer can be established and verified as having equal responsibility, additional companies, manufacturers or software developers may be honoured


Updated: December 2019

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